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Message Subject I work at CERN
Poster Handle Darza
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Saturday, April 19, 2008
something up??
I was at the one of the smaller accelerator sites yesterday. I was was doing some data analysis of the flow rates of the liquid nitrogen. It seems one of the steering magnets was not warming up correctly. They were taken out of service last week. Believe me that we would never let air enter the liniac tube. It would take all year to pump down to normal pressures. Something really struck me as funny. There is a guy who I met at a street corner I will not say who or what he was. He told me There is no reason on earth why the US government is spending billions of dollars just to see tiny particles. He elaborated that since the times of Enrico Fermi the DOD or what was then the department of war heavily funded particle beam and atomic research. It was icing on the cake that the USA is getting other countries to pay for research. Only three scientists have access to all of the data. And on the day when the LHC is on full power the detector room will be evacuated of nonessential personnel. This man also said that the scientists are actually searching for a singularity .
This not to be identified man said that The field and tensor equations that predict the hadron particle are bogus and made up. They do compute on and seem real but the real equations actually predict a charged stable singularity being created. The scientist believe that this singularity can be used to predict the future. All of the blackholes that are created at LHC are connected to each other. There is a class of singularity that allows information to pass through the event horizon. The purpose of the experiment is to create one blackhole capture it with a charged bottle the blackhole will gain enough mass to pass through the detector.Find its way into the bottle.This bottle is taken to a secure US installation. There they will listen in for some sort of signal either a shift in polarity or spin. they think that information put in blackholes created in the future somehow affect the ones created in the past. I know it sounds strange but from what I gather from what this man said the US is trying to create a time machine on the dime of other nations. He went on and on that the information retrieved from the singularity would be the same as our line to a deviation of .2% per 50 years. he rambled on and on that these singularities cannot transit more than 2^2 bits per second. because of error checking and handshaking. This singularity Must not be allowed to fall into the earth or it will begin to gain mass exponentially. the earth cannot be sucked into a pea sized dot because the gravitational field of the singularity will equal the gravitational field of the surrounding mantle. These two will equalize and we will have a blackhole for a core.
I feel really sick about this information. I hope that this man is just lying to me. Maybe its just a fanciful story. If it were true we will see events of the future happen very fast. it would be like time will be compressed even more when just ten years ago things were so much slower. This does not bode well for the human race. I do not feel that the scientists understand what time really is. Maybe they do and don't give a fuck.
I do not know why I listened to this man. Did he put my job and life in jeopardy? I am am just a glorified beer box ice man. all I do is put the cool in!
[link to www.cernwatch.com]
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