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Message Subject I work at CERN
Poster Handle White Light
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I had a crazy dream sometime back, maybe a few months ago that was very lifelike and real...a factory or some type of plant situated between a river with three forks melted down or something either blew up, melted down or went wrong. I felt the fear of nearly 5 different people as I seemed to be seeing fragments of this dream through the eyes of these different people.

One was an anxious mother on the phone with her daycare provider telling the person on the other end to leave quickly. Another was a man dashing out from some ominous looking room with a labyrinth of pipes, tubes and compressors. He was holding his jacket over his nose and mouth and really scrambling in a panic to get out. He ended up breaking a window with a chair and jumping out of it and safely making it from 2 stories down I estimate.

There was a massive traffic jam out of the compound, and the upper echelons of the plant were leaving in helicopters landing down on a picnic area by the river. The workers were lamenting and yelling about this. Everyone was in a real panic to be ghost, and most people were either on their cellphones trying to get a signal or in their cars in the long traffic jam to leave the compound.

I do recall seeing some Authority Figures dressed in dark blue or black uniforms, they rode in white vans up towards the top of the road where the people fleeing were coming out of. They were hastily directing traffic and seemed really uptight. I can't say if they were police or what.

I remember someone yelling on the compound from the mass of people escaped or trying to escape from the buliding, "25 more minutes till critical!!"

There was also a daycare somewhere very close nearby. I felt the panic of a day care provider who was missing a kid among the hubbbub to get out fast (later the kid was found).

OP: Hmmm. Can a catastrophe occur at your plant that would sound similar to this scenario in my dream? Note: I didn't see any news choppers in the area. Only the helicopters the top dogs were fleeing on. It seemed either this got no airplay, or the area these people were in had been quarantined. Could this happen?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 413477

I can relate to your dream I have had a similar one where i am in side a facility where all hell breaks lose and evacuation horns are blasting Yellow flashing lights are the only visible lighting and the area is a mass of pipes and metal grated flooring like on board a ship.There is only limited time to cross a bridge there is panic, pushing and everyone tries to get across they manage it but then the dream goes to the outside .It is daylight and masses of people are running in all directions .World wide panic as people scramble to get into aircraft where they are being taken to higher ground . Helicopters ,white jumbo jets (no windows) those not able to get on planes try to escape by running ,air is full of aircraft of all descriptions.Presidents are not a priority everyman for himself. Dream ends where I am sitting on a ledge over looking masses of water .
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