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Message Subject I work at CERN
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Well, as I believe (I may be wrong though), OP is at best just a service technician. As I know, it is not common even between scientists, not to mention of between a scientist and a technician, to talk about his/her own undergoing research and related problems in detail in specific manner unless he/she is in. Why not? There can be various reasons. And, of course, it includes the case that the nature of subjects needs some security. But, I think, most of cases are just due to the "atmosphere" of research community. They just don't like to ask or to be asked about specifics unless the person is in. There are even some scientits who don't want to talk about their research aimlessly to anybody outside before publish, worrying about they are not quite knowlegable or it may haven't been enough thoroughly thought and seeked about. And, they are the people who have lived with the environment like this for many many years from the graduate school. I even believe no special code of security is acually required for them in this atmosphere. Kidnapping and threatening them for information will work? Not likely. Because unless you have sufficient inside information, you don't even know what to ask, right? Therefore, the bottomline is it is almost not imaginable for OP to get some exciting information. He probably will not look very professional asking around some information not relevant to his work although he is not likely to get fired (because, for what?, there is no need to!), and this area is probably quite smaller than thought as everybody know each other.
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