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Message Subject I work at CERN
Poster Handle Ice
Post Content
double lame

just picked this off the site!!!

sounds like a 14 year old!

Thanks a lot for your reply and I agree and share your motivations for the blog.

If any insiders find there way to your site, that would be great - specially as the official information of CERN is virtually non-existant in my view.

On the godlikeproductions forum there was actually some information of an (or several) insider. I'm quite sure it was for real as some details would be very difficult to know if your not right now in Geneva, Switzerland. For example one post quoting the unmanned watch towers or another on the 5 white unmarked vans.

BTW, I'm unable to post on godlikeproductions. All my posts,threads are deleted after only a few seconds. This is happening since a few days for no apparent reason. (It could be for the same reasons many articles in news papers disappear from the archives, the issues site at CERN LHC hardware is non-public now [link to hcc.web.cern.ch] and the only news found under google news is the CERN LHC day for the public which attracted 70'000 visitors this month)

I will make sure I link to your forum as soon as I can quote any insider info posted here.

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