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Fire Miracle: Child and Bible Survive Fire

Rom. 3:31

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United States
04/08/2008 06:05 PM

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Fire Miracle: Child and Bible Survive Fire
[link to www.kwwl.com]

The family calls it a miracle. A five-year-old girl caught in a trailer home fire, survived. it happened last Thursday at 539 Montero Drive in Waterloo. Five-year-old Shanea Voshell was sleeping in the room where the fire broke out. She suffered first degree burns to her nose, lips and hands.

"My husband ran back there before I did. He got back there and he said there's a fire, there's a fire and I remember I just glanced at it and I got Shanea out," said Hazel Voshell.

The fire started in the cord of a mini refrigerator. Looking at the burnt room now, and how close Shanea's air mattress was to the start of the blaze, the family is surprised she's alive.

"I'm just so happy she's all right. I've been hugging her a lot. I mean you love your kids a lot but when something like this happens it's even more," said Voshell.

But Shanea isn't the only survivor. 17-year-old Chris Voshell noticed a Bible... unharmed.

"It was actually on top of my digital cable box, which it got melted and the window blew out because of the fire and the heat and it was right on top of it and it was unharmed. It's made of paper. I mean it should have burned right up," said Hazel Voshell.

The family believes the Bible is a sign that God was present during the fire and protected Shanea.

"I'm just so thankful. She asked Grandma did you thank God and Jesus that I'm alive and I said yes I did," said Camilla Schuler.

Despite losing their home, the Voshell's said they're very blessed. The Voshell's are staying at a hotel while they wait to hear back from the insurance company. If the trailer is deemed a total loss, the insurance will cover the cost of the trailer. But there won't be any money left for them to buy or rent a new place. They haven't decided where they'll go from there.


The risk far outweighs any benefit as the risk will vary from child to child.