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Message Subject Those Who Plot Evil Actions: Templars and the Freemasons
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Muslim hit piece on the Templars?

Talks alot about perversions and never really says what they were.

How much that is in church court documents is really true about the Templars? Given that the history of the Templars was basically written by the church that destroyed them. The same church that much later burned Joan of Arc for being a witch. Anything the church stated as being perversions, etc. are most probably exaggerated at least tenfold.

I really give the book very little in the way of being truthful in the history of the Templars.

Templars and Freemasonry are really not connected. Modern Freemasonry did not come onto the scene until the 1700's.
 Quoting: G. House

true but the true freemason follow the same cause as the templars,33 degree freemasons often are contacted by the templars to join their order.. but are people believing freemasonry is a jewish thing when it is the complete opposite, the elite jews are purposely hiding behind freemason and templar symbolism for a reason...they want their christian slave to view them as evil granting the jews more control over christians through a religion they created and a book they wrote inwhich the most powerful church in the world preaches "the vatican" remember the pope sent the templars to the middle east in the crusades to secure the "holy land" for the jews...after they entered solomons temple they turned away from the pope and the jews becoming enemies of the church and to jews, the USA's founding fathers were high degrees freemasons, they did the complete opposite of what these so called freemasons of today are doing...they gave this country true freedom with very minimun laws, and even made quotes such as "anyone who is willing to suspend liberty for security deserves neither liberty or security"-benjamin franklin...the WTC were also freemason egyptain symbolism..why would real freemasons that follow the founding fathers destroy them then?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1377620

If only that were the end of the Templars the world would have been so much better off. They were running the empire for the Vatican and had rightfully earned a bad reputation. They had to be dissolved. This was primarily in France. They continued however under a new name in Spain and Portugal they were the Knights of Christ.
[link to en.wikipedia.org]
In Germany the Teutonic Knights and the Rosicrucians.
In the 1500s a crusading knight founded the Jesuit Order.
At the Templar's base in Scottland, they built Rosslyn Chapel (1450). Here is where the birth of Freemasonry began. The builder of Rosslyn and the first Grand Master of Freemasonry was a Sinclair. The degrees of Freemasonry themselves drafted at the Jesuit college Paris.(according to Albert Mackey, FM historian.)
[link to encyclopediaoffreemasonry.com]
[link to encyclopediaoffreemasonry.com]
[link to encyclopediaoffreemasonry.com]
It was the Jesuits and FM-Templar who then founded the Order of the Illuminati (1776) as they devised a new world order in the new world founded on secular republics, not Roman Catholicsm, as the holy roman empire was.

Next they Jesuits (banned at this point, 1773) and FM devised revolutions in the American colonies then France. It was Napoleon (33rd deg) who arrested the Pope and seized the Papal States.

A few years would go by, then 1814 the FM emperors restored the Papal States. The Jesuits were also restored at this time, and have been ruling the Vatican every since.

The Templars founded international banking to rule the empire and they still run it as or within Freemasonry. Some of the more famous knights are the Rothschilds, having changed their name to that of the red-shield of the Templar Knights long ago. But all the bankers are there. Regardless of their background, be it Jewish, Protestant, or Muslim! They all serve as knights of the empire under the Jesuit General, who is in fact a Military Order, only in priestly robes.

Here's a brief video about this all..
[link to www.youtube.com]
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