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Speak ing of Fight Club, here's a REAL one

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04/10/2008 04:08 PM
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Speak ing of Fight Club, here's a REAL one
[link to www.woai.com]

"Fight Club" Busted at Local High School

It's a violent and illegal form of entertainment that's popped up at a high school here. They're called "fight clubs" and they could have some students in La Vernia in big trouble.

La Vernia police say a group of teens would meet in a school bathroom and then start fighting. They got caught because they used the internet to let everybody know what they were doing.

"We don't think this is entertainment or funny," said Dr. Tom Harvey, La Vernia ISD superintendent.

Dr. Harvey first heard rumors about these secret fights two weeks ago, but learned they were real after watching them at youtube.com.

"Criminal complaints will be filed, we will not have it or tolerate it at our school," said Dr. Harvey.

Calling it their fight club, these students are mimicking the "Fight Club" movie that came out six years ago. After seeing the video clips on youtube.com, Dr. Harey got a hold of La Vernia Police Chief Bobby Hyatt and the high school's liaison officer.

"My school officer, when she watched the thing, she could tell me every kid who was involved and she knew the voices and these kids actually called each other by names, so you knew who was involved with it," said Chief Hyatt.

Over the past two days, many of the students in this fight club have been questioned. Depending on their involvement, Chief Hyatt says some may face juvenile detention.