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Lifting The Veil...

User ID: 403826
United States
04/12/2008 04:51 PM
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Lifting The Veil...
What is the Veil?
It covers reality.

The Veil is the mind.
Civilization is stricken with the belief
that the mind is the center of consciousness.
Everything must bow to its dominance.
We believe this, but we have never been
outside of it to know what it means.

The ascendant mind is the Veil
that shrouds how we see reality:

What is reality?
God, humans and inert matter.
We all know this.

What does the spirit world consists of?
God, Jesus, souls and the devil.
We all know this as well.

We are man alone in an inanimate universe.

We are civilization, mind culture.
The mind is the center of consciousness.

God is defined by the services
He provides humans.

There is only God, humans and inert matter.
We treat plants and animals the same as
rocks and water.

Nothing is more sacred than a human life.
We all know this.

Religion agrees with civilization.
Reality is centered on the human being.
There is no other consciousness but God.
The inert matter of reality
orbits the invisible human consciousness.

Man is made in the image of God.
But so is the rest of Creation.
What is man, if not part of Creation?
If so, then what is Creation?

We have known God through a man.

Now we must come to know God through Creation.

Then the Veil shrouding God will be lifted.

~ ~ ~

If Creation has an equality with humans,
then it must be judged by our highest standard:

Consciousness is invisible.
So is spirit.
Both create one thing: meaning.

How do you discuss Reality with someone
who does not believe in spirits?

Everything comes from the

Our consciousness is invisible. Yet we know we
exist because of it. And everything around us is
affected by our invisible consciousness.

Our civilization is based on numbers.
Yet numbers are invisible.

Music surrounds us. It makes life beautiful.
Yet music is invisible.

We perceive ourselves through the story
we give ourselves. Yet story, meaning, is invisible.
It is myth.

James Hillman once quoted that there
are three perfections in the Universe.
Myth, Music and Mathematics.

All are invisible.

So how can we believe that spirits do not exist.
All that we know was created by
invisible consciousness.

Everything is formed by what we cannot see.


You cannot change the world.
It has to change itself.
By an act of its own will.

[link to www.originalwisdom.com]