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Message Subject God's witness of Revelation. In the power and Spirit of Elijah
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Date: Mon Dec 03 2001 03:56
normandy revulsion (GOD shows his presence.) ID#385162:

i posted this on K1 on 3.12.2001. kitco community did not exist at this time

And i saw

Three strange clouds floated towards me from the East in train formation. Two spaces, equal to half the length of each cloud, separated the ( iceberg shaped ) clouds. They were snow white at the top and black as sin on the bottom. The top of each cloud was flat. The three clouds became stationary, maintaining their distance from each other. A white hollow half circle , outline maybe ten meters thick, rose from the top of the first cloud. IT then formed what appeared to be a sky blue stage as it neatly sat with the bottoms of the hollow half circle sitting on top of the snow white flat top of the leading cloud. Ten seconds later, in the center of the stage, a female face appeared. The face appeared made of stone. It had dept and perfect clarity. This face remained in the half circle for twenty seconds. Her face then dissolved and ten seconds later a male stone face appeared on the stage. His face had depth and absolute clarity as he displayed himself for twenty seconds. He then vaporized and ten seconds later, in exactly the same position a teenage female stone face appeared.

Date: Mon Dec 03 2001 03:58
normandy revulsion (Part two) ID#385162:

She lasted 20 seconds and then vaporized. Ten seconds later, a fourth face appeared. this one was female and also of stone.. This women had some form of helmet on. No markings on helmet. The helmet appeared metal and was cut as to expose her ears. The helmet exposed her ears, but covered forward of her ears as like long side burns. Twenty seconds later she vaporized. Ten seconds later a fifth face appeared. The fifth was a man. He was also made of a light bone coloured stone. All of the five faces appeared on the stage. None of the faces had any expression. There were no Halos or wings and they were not white.

Date: Mon Dec 03 2001 04:00
normandy revulsion (Part three) ID#385162:
Copyright 2001 normandy revulsion/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved

Ten seconds later, in the dark bottom left hand corner of the leading cloud, a sixth face appeared. He was a dark bluish. Looked like a great warrior. He had an overabundance of thick curly hair. He looked more human than the five stone faces and for 2 seconds of the twenty that he was appearing to me, towards the end, he grinned at me. The seventh and last was a women. She appeared to the right of the warrior, 1 third across the lower portion of the leading cloud and a third of the way up in the lighter section but not as white as the stage outline. She also appeared to be made of flesh like the warrior, unlike the first five faces that had paraded before me on the stage. The seven faces were not of this era.


After i saw this vision, i read revelation. i had heard of the seven Angels but did not know that God had seven Spirits or two witnesses.

i started to read revelation from the beginning. When i came to God's seven Spirits, i dismissed them as a possibility because i did not think that Spirits would be displayed as stone.

i continued to read revelation. When i reached the seven Angels i once again dismissed them as an option because there were no bowls, only one was white, none had halos and i did not think that Angels would be shown as stone.

i continued to read revelation to the end. Once there i realized that the only two possibilities were the seven Angels or the seven Spirits.

It took me a long time to work this out.

These seven faces were Godís seven Spirits.

This is my interpretation Only. Note, I am often wrong.

Jesus did not ask me to interpret the vision, but i thought about it every day.

The first stone face on the stage was Godís Spirit of War, and female.

The other four stone faces are the Spirits of the Elements, Earth, Fire, Wind and Water. I do not know which face represents which element or in which order they were displayed to me.

The woman in the cloud was Mother Mary and the Bluish gray coloured male in the cloud was Elijah..

God's witness of revelation. In the power and Spirit of Elijah.
 Quoting: God' witness 405052

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