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Message Subject Anybody into channeling, kundalini yoga, or meditation?
Poster Handle Jory
Post Content
Meditation is one of the best things you can do in the world.

You should also start a dream journal because there is a lot of gold that most people toss aside in your dreams. After meditating for awhile you might want to check out astral projecting too. Once you can astral project, you can see the world from the correct perspective.

Kundalini yoga is cool but you definitely don't want to be doing it with roommates or something around--so it is good you're by yourself. It involves a lot of funny breathing techniques.

Also if you are going to channel... that is a huge step. You'll want a pure body so you can be a pure channel and not be influenced. You should gradually try to change from vegetarian to mostly vegan lifestyle and drink pure water, etc. What you put into your body has a major affect on your vibrational level. Heavy meats weight it down a tremendous amount. Read "The 100 Year Lie" to find out about all the horrible stuff in our food that has dumbed down all of the people's abilities and caused all these diseases.

Just meditate all you can in a way that feels right to you to make your mind slow down, which will enable you to start receiving messages to start the path.

Good luck
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