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Message Subject Anybody into channeling, kundalini yoga, or meditation?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I'm a Clairvoyant Meditation teacher of 15 years.

There are tons of meditation techniques, each achieve different goals or states. I would ask myself, "what is my goal?".

Some people want to get Out of Body, nirvana, astral travel

Some people want to get In Body, clear and release old pain and conditioning and gain control over their physical life. [Clairvoyant Meditation falls here]

Some people want to Bring 'Something' Into Body, get information, knowledge and wisdom.

Clairvoyant Mediation is about being aware of your own spirit and consciousness, bring that into the body, focused into the sixth chakra. Clairvoyant meditation tools allow one to "ground the body" and release pain or old conditioning, protect and define the aura, clear the chakra system, access your own information and Akashic Records.

Usually beginning students first learn how to meditate, then if they want to go further, they take Clairvoyant Training and learn to read people's auras. Clairvoyant training programs take about 1 1/2 years. Beginning meditation classes are usually several weeks.

Clairvoyant Training develops the sixth chakra and teach you how to see your own spirit and access your own information. It also teaches you how to see other beings or entities and releases them from your "space" to gain freedom. There is a lot going on in this level of training. The main point is that you learn to get your own information yourself.

Channeling is slightly dangerous, a very big step. In clairvoyant training centers, Channeling classes often are not even offered because after clairvoyant training, one does see the need. But in school that do offer channeling courses, one is first required to start with beginning classes (6 months), clairvoyant training (18 months), teachers training (18 months) then one would be elagible for a channeling course (and the channeling program was 5 years too).

I doing recommend channeling, but I do recommend Clairvoyant Meditation. Best school I know that offers long distance training - [link to www.psychichorizons.com] - you can also find a directory of psychic schools around the US and world at [link to bepsychic.net]

Just stay away from Gurus and New Age la la people - if you take a meditation class and after you don't "feel" right, don't go back!
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