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Message Subject 74 YO arrested at PBIA felony battery on LEO, refused to empty her pockets
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
At least this women had the "balls" to stand up for her constituational rights. Why does it take an older lady to defend her rights--I think the younger generation should start standing up for our right and not be so darn scared that we might get in touble. Besides, what does a terrorist look like? How do I know when I see one--or should we just put each and every one of us in that grouping called terrorist? Whow are the terrorist--people or government?

We need to start standing up for our rights and not let them take away our freedoms.

By the way, she caught a plan this morning and is now in NY as she had intended to do yesterday.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 411881

What does a terrorist look like?
here is a clue, find a picture of every person that has worked with Bush and Chenney, past and present ( but specifically from '99 to present) and you will know exactly what a terrorist looks like.
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