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Message Subject 74 YO arrested at PBIA felony battery on LEO, refused to empty her pockets
Poster Handle Anonymous Cowars
Post Content
Clearly, she can see where this is going as she has experienced the whole scenario before.

Why is it that there are no fourth amendment (or any) rights in the airport?

If we are to fight the tyranny, then we must first understand it. Our government derives almost all of its power from the Commerce Clause. Like it or not, this is where the rubber meets the road.

Airports and airlines are interstate commerce. The federal government is not limited in its authority when it come to interstate commerce. You may have an unalienable right to travel, but noone has any right to travel on the King's airline. So when a TSA officer says bend over, then either bend over or find another way to travel.

No government representative will ever admit this as it would cause an upheaval. So one must look at the law and Supreme Court rulings to tease this out.

Until a substantial number of people realize that our Constitutional Representative Government has become a Government by Commerce, noone will even have a hope of being free.
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