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Message Subject 74 YO arrested at PBIA felony battery on LEO, refused to empty her pockets
Poster Handle Kevin Biomech
Post Content
WTF does being a holocaust survivor have to do with not compling and emptying her pockets?

i can just imagine the scene this woman caused.

Talk to someone who was in a death camp and survived their ordeal and ask them about being harrased, beaten, raped , tortured by authority figures.
The answers would amaze you and the horrors people faced during the Holocaust were just unbelievable.


what does ANY of that have to do with her not doing what the security people tell her to do?


'nuff said.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 326019

Are you TRULY that dense? Look at the history of Germany from about 1932 onward through the armistice. LOOK HARD! Look familiar? It should. We are being led by the nose down the same road! TSA is a criminal organization, and you bloody well know it.

The "security" people exist for the purpose of keeping the subjects in line. They have not, AND CANNOT, increase our security by disarming little old ladies. Or anyone else. The first requisite of freedom is universal armament. Do you really think anyone smarter than a rock, or somebody who doesn't understand why a holocaust survivor might bridle at the new breed of SS, would attempt to hijack a plane full of armed people?
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