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Finding ones True Ascension Path

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04/25/2008 04:16 PM
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Finding ones True Ascension Path
Finding ones True Ascension Path

Author: Pat

Consciousness – Spirit and Soul.

Everything has a consciousness.
Whether it be physical, or non-physical, a physical lifeform, an entity, a substance, a speck of dust.
Whether it be a complex consciousness or a simple consciousness of negative, positive or neutral.

And everything in the Universe is ensouled – as Soul is light.
Light is information. Not the light derived from the Sun, but the light in our cells, the light in our thoughtform which creates our frequency. All energy, including thoughtform, is refracted/bent light. Sound, colour and shape. The lighter and more intenseness of light, the more complex the consciousness
How much light is how much soul.

As we lost soul, we became denser, lesser and therefore limited.
We fell in consciousness (conscious awareness that we are pure soul, the complete Universal Consciousness Of All That Is, having the human experience) and fell in ‘soul status/soul intelligence’ to Density One.

And we now discover we are existing in Density One, and Harmonic Universe 1, where matter and consciousness has just enough light to exist (owing to the density). The virtual bottom of the heap, with nowhere else to fall to, or go, except up. If energy and consciousness is forever moving this is coined evolutionary. If energy and consciousness are stagnating, or falling, this is coined de-volution.
There is no time within the life of any being, including anti-christs and fallen races, and seemingly soulless matter, that cannnot connect back to their Source.
It is a conscious choice, a decision made.
The longer we are disconnected, the harder it becomes.
And we have been disconnected for a very very long time.

Note: the density of matter is determined by the ARPS (Freedom Teaching) the angle and rate of particle spin. And this is determined by consciousness. However once a world/planet has fallen, to correct ones ARPS is a little more than just raising the consciousmind, and correcting the blueprints/template/map, that should in fact, change the ARPS. We, the planet, the consciousness and the biology require a flood, or an injection, of those higher rates of ARPS from other worlds. And this is what is achieved at each significant stargate, and portal opening. The Earths chakra areas, that have aligned with a very designated ascended planet (its path through the Universe) open for a very short time, to allow the higher dimensional ‘energies’, of space matter = energy signatures of mathematical equasions attributed to that planet, called psonns, core truths. Every planet, and every living being has Core Truths. It is an emanation/vibrational bandwidth and very structured non-physical matter, and this matter has etheric molecules/particles.
The higher matter pours in, and the physical form feels this matter in a very integral way. Even if it is just a few people in the area, they have been affected.
And all is downloaded into Earths records and each human ascending. As the biology of these few people is being monitored, as to each change the higher matter created in their biology.

For humanity today, it has been very difficult. As there have been many times in our pastlives where we very much desired to evolve/ascend the self, return back to our Source and experience a creation elsewhere. Source has very long term plans. However, we as Soul, became stuck here on Earth.
Our de-volution, or non-evolution has created other problems for the entire Universe. We have prevented many other Souls from having the Earth human, or any other specie, experience. Even Nature desires to evolve and ascend, not to become extinct.
EVERY soul that incarnated here on Earth became stuck. And therefore has interrupted the cycles in the higher dimensional realms.

The cycles of death and re-birth on Earth, were becoming increasingly painful.
We would become less each life. Souls and angelics, guardian and founder races instigated strategies, to keep us in existance until an Ascension Cycle could be orchestrated. While other non-conscious, but highly technologicol stellar races, used this planet as a dumping ground. Unconscious (unascended) beings came and used – the planets resources and controlled the humans. And we, as an non-conscious race, allowed.

Lives of misery, disease, sadness and unrequited love and expections, dysfunctional family situations.
In short, we lost the ability to manifest our reality. And what was pushed onto humanity was the manifestation of the karmic reality. Constantly over-riding the dream, the beautiful life of love, harmony and well-being, we all so desired.

The Masters and Spiritual beings, people channel to this day.

Many spiritual masters have tried to ascend from all this pain – but failed. A few had partial ascensions. Buddha, the last known human to ascend, his was also incomplete.
Not enough truths retreived – not enough help from the many protective guardians we have today, to keep watch, to protect and mentor. And they too, were interferred with considerably, would be attacked upon other planes, and stripped of their consciousness, of their truths that they spent their lifetime acquiring to ascend.

And this is what we have today, in our ‘Ascension Cycle’.
Opportunities afforded by many Guardians Races, to oversee our ascension.
Opportunities that have never been here on Earth before.

If the potential ascending initiate has no understanding of why we require protection, then one will not know of the opportunities. Because it is these opportunities, enabling ones protection whilst we ascend. For the very first time in our existance on this planet, we are to have SAFE PASSAGE.
The non-ascending factions, false gods, false angelics, the False Intervention, are determined, and very confident, we shall not ascend.

It all about frequency and density. A long time ago the higher chakras, and portals, that are of very specific higher frequency, were shut down.
And its all about Earths assistance and protection, and her guardians who have come to protect her.
Reopened portals have also allowed the guardian races to intervene and protect. These portals were shut down an eon ago, as the controlling forces on this planet had appropriated them for their own empowerment. As they will try to do so again. Especially the 12th dimensional portal, opening in 2012.
Why 2012?

More info:

[link to www.raisingmaldek.com]
Why do you care what other peoples egos think?

User ID: 367835
04/25/2008 04:42 PM
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Re: Finding ones True Ascension Path
"Aether is a Quantum 2 Spin Rotating Magnetic Field that encapsulates Primary Angular Momentum and via Tensegrity forms Matter with resulting Quantum 1/2 spin.

"PHI is the direct result and first Ratio produced by this arrangement as it Cycles." Junglelord, www.thunderbolts.info
Here comes the Golden Age.

"Thought being a given is the first assertion of self-awareness; the remaining truth is simply "I am, therefore there is". Self and other, subject and object." Eyeam

"Remember me as I AM." My Brother
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 422973
United States
04/25/2008 04:52 PM
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Re: Finding ones True Ascension Path
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 341470
United States
04/29/2008 10:15 PM
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Re: Finding ones True Ascension Path

User ID: 425095
United States
04/29/2008 10:22 PM
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Re: Finding ones True Ascension Path
If you believe that a fallen creation can by knowledge make themselves into a god, or ascend to a higher creation then you have bought into the oldest lie in all history...that "Ye shall be as gods." Told to Eve in the garden of Eden. All false religion is based upon this lie; all witchcraft is based upon this lie, and all evil is based upon this lie. That is why Jesus called Satan the "Father of lies". It is at the heart of the darkness, regardless of "which path you pursue."
"Glory is what happens when faith overcomes adversity."