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CERN/Global Consciousness Project/RNGs

Boom !!!
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United States
04/29/2008 12:02 PM
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CERN/Global Consciousness Project/RNGs
... per chance anyone might be interested...

You are all probably familiar with RNGs and The Global Consciousness Project (how the random number generators grew "less random" during the build-up on 9/11, etc)

LHC/CERN is due to turn-on (try to create the particle that was created within 3 seonds (I think it's 3 seconds, maybe 2 -- really soon after in any event ! Ha! ) of the theoretical "BigBang") on May 21st. It's a pretty massive project and a big deal. Small chance of creating mini-black holes here on earth, etc. (There's a scary thought ! Black holes to gobble us up into the next dimension ?!!)

Thought it might be neat to track the RNGs to see what they do during this big project, if the "global attention" effects the randomness.

Link below to the real time data spread. (when you get to that page, if you want to know more about the Princeton's Global Consciousness Project, navigate to the menu bar/home page etc. for info)

 [link to noosphere.princeton.edu]