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Around June 1st - BIG EARTHQUAKE - Predictions from Mathew Stephen

Flight 815 (OP)

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New Zealand
06/03/2008 11:52 PM
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Re: Around June 1st - BIG EARTHQUAKE - Predictions from Mathew Stephen
After June 7th, we can write this off as a crank.

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United States
06/03/2008 11:55 PM
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Re: Around June 1st - BIG EARTHQUAKE - Predictions from Mathew Stephen
Tick tick tick...any time now...
 Quoting: Flight 815
that's what i'm talkin bout...but if it is geo or cosmic or both, i dunno, only i know that it is coming. maybe with this new moon tonight, but these things take time ya know.

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United Kingdom
06/04/2008 01:10 AM
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Re: Around June 1st - BIG EARTHQUAKE - Predictions from Mathew Stephen
Maybe it was a prediction of Jupiters future.
Read - for thy sustainer is the most bountiful one, who has taught the use of the pen, taught man what he did not know!
Nay verily man becomes grossly overweening, whenever he believes himself to be self-sufficient: for behold unto thy sustainer all must return.

Quran 96:3-8

[link to www.islamicity.com]
"Investors must look at this situation as a portfolio opportunity. If you have some extra land (condo developers and house flippers, listen closely), grow a vegetable garden, if you are ambitious, raise some sheep and cows, they will come in handy".
How we got here: [link to www.hundredyearlie.com]
Cure: [link to www.youtube.com]
Plasma aliens: [link to www.plasmametaphysics.com]
Were your ancestors pedophiles? [link to www.youtube.com]
[link to www.terrorism-illuminati.com]
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06/04/2008 02:14 AM
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Re: Around June 1st - BIG EARTHQUAKE - Predictions from Mathew Stephen
Important Alert for Los Angeles and the Pacific Rim
By Candace
Jun 4, 2008, 00:08

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Important Alert for Los Angeles and the Pacific Rim
By Candace, June 3, 2008

Dear Readers of Abundanthope. It is looking highly possible that Mother is not going to wait on the LA area, and it may well go into the sea sometime this month. I need all of you to circulate this about on other forums and to those you know who could be affected. The following is for readers NOT famliar with AbundantHope.

Hello dear readers not familiar with AbundantHope. I am the creator of this Organization and it is an interntional team in service of the Second Coming Process.

The Las Angeles basin is NOT over land. It is over ocean. This area is sitting on a “shelf.” The danger in this is that the area, as you well know, is a massive area of faults and also there is huge cavern system under this basin. The United States government knows about it, and the Navy back in the 1970’s explored these by submarine and actually covered this in a small magazine that is not available on the Internet. This area is going to go into the sea, and it will be catastrophic for the entire pacific rim, from the resultant Tsunami’s and other earthquakes that will manifest from this. It is possible some other quakes will manifest first, setting up this event. The LA area is simply going to crumble up. It will fall up to 100 feet.

The area involved is bounded directly on the north side of LA, along the Raymond Fault line on over to the San Andreas fault, which forms the western boundary. The southern boundary is across the Baja, approximately at the Colorado River outlet.

Now there is a solution to this, do not shut up this piece and refuse to read it at this point.The reason is that you in the affected areas are going to be evacuated by Star Fleet, all of you who choose to do so. It is your personal choice and there will be no force.

Some of you have heard of Ashtar Command. This is a large command with the specialty of evacuating people from a planet in big trouble. This is always done in the case of impending pole reversal or impending nuclear catastrophe. Neither is going to occur in this situation. The poles are not going to reverse and star fleet for a few years now disables every single nuclear bomb that black ops tries to use, everywhere of the planet.

What you are looking at is a regional rather than a planetary evacuation. The government of the USA was approached strongly years ago, that this would be impending and they must begin preparations. All they did was dig nice little holes for themselves to survive the changes, caring not at all about the rest of us. Did you know both China and Russia can house their entire populations underground in case of catastrophic problems? They are the only countries that have done so, for the people. Many others have built facilities for the elite.

Ashtar Command came in the 1950’s after the planet was stabilized to prevent a pole reversal by other ships which came for that purpose after WW2. Those of you familiar with Revelations have read about the Holy City, the New Jerusalem coming down from heaven. Dear ones, that is the Ashtar Command, command ship!!!!! It was known way back then of this possibility, and the Roman church knows that. And we aren’t going to build a “new heaven and a new earth”, because a new heaven is NOT needed, the “old one” is just fine. We will build a heavenly condition upon this new earth.

The New Jerusalem is huge, so it doesn’t land. It has aboard it, in a massive computer system, the soul records of every single souled being on this planet, and it can find you from these records. It’s “commander” is Ashtar, a very old and experienced being. His large team is highly skilled in totally serving the needs of people that are evacuated, and although only the necessary of people along the pacific rim will be evacuated, this command is capable of evacuating every ensouled person on this planet in 15 minutes time, in the case of a nuclear holocaust. Nuclear detonation harms soul matrix.

Now, lets get to the details. Once the geophysicists of the command have determined this event is imminent, it will begin the evacuation of the LA area first. Imminent will mean about 2-3 days before it will occur. You will be evacuated via small shuttle craft up to around 200-300 feet in diameter. Only a few of these might actually land. They will hover over the areas to be evacuated about 20 – 100 feet in the air. We will hope to have media assistance in this, but it is highly unlikely. There will be great numbers of craft and obviously this will occur in the daytime.

Each craft will put down a beam of visible light, and you board the craft by stepping into the light. You will rise into the craft much more comfortably than an elevator ride. I know. I have done it. There will be ones in great fear of this because of the horrible alien stories on this planet. Assist them as you can, but dear ones, if they refuse, you must go ahead yourself. Evacuations are never complete for this reason. Some people will not board craft, even under better circumstances and preparation. It does no good to pick them against their will, and God doesn’t do that in these situations. These ones will die of their fear, and this just causes more fear.

You do not pack anything. You maybe allowed to take pets, and you will know on this. There is planned quite adequate time, unless something is unforeseen. After you are evacuated perhaps the media will agree to cover it for the others. We do not know if there will be cooperation. Star fleet has everything you need. After the shuttlecraft picks you up, you will be taken to a large mother ship or evacuation craft. The largest of these crafts for evacuation purposes are 8000 MILES long and carry millions of people. One of these larger craft can handle all the people in the LA basin if necessary, as an example.

Once aboard your evacuation craft or mother ship, there are a great deal of highly trained “social workers” and medical personnel. Some of you will be ill from the experience of the light beam. Which brings me a memory of another issue. I have talked about ascension syndrome. Your bodies, in preparation for this, have been subjected to special energy beams, both through the sun, from mother ships and in concert with your guardian angels to prepare your bodies for this beam.

The illness, should you have it is quite temporary and much like a nasty case of the flu. And star fleet has so much better treatment for this than earth doctors. The ships have a higher energy vibration than the earth, but the earth’s energy has been raised to help prepare people for the additional coming changes. This preparation is the source of many of your symptoms and that includes ear tones, the occasional nausea and aches, pains and fatigue. Those people suffering extreme fear will be put in a special sleep state, until everything is under control, so they don’t generate chaos. Those of you with intact emotions will be asked to assist.

Again, do not pack, you need bring nothing. There is Not time for this. You will be completely provided for and dear ones, the food is going to be a lot better for your health. In a way, you will be spending time in a health spa!!!!! And the bathrooms are very fine, no flushing toilets and waste. Your waste is instantly “evaporated” after it leaves your body. After everything is calm and stable you will be united with any family members should you have became separated. Do not worry if you are working in a tall building, there are plans for evacuation of those.

This MAY not manifest this month, but it is going to manifest and it is highly likely it well in the next few weeks. Since many of you may not aware of my website, there is another plan in place. Jupiter is going to become our new second small sun, all part of the ascension process. This will be dramatic, and before it does, the earth is going to be put into a state called stasis, which is sort of like pausing the button on the DVD player.

There will be some movement of earths axis during this time and there will be significant destruction and too much for man to handle. We tried a preparation plan for that but again, the governments of the world only thought about themselves. It was hoped that LA would wait until this time of stasis and Jupiter, but Mother Earth seems to not be waiting. There is still some large scale details being worked out, and if Mother Earth is not going to wait, this will actually be a huge learning for the planet, and assist people to understand what happened when we come out of the stasis. The stasis period will last for months and it is not the purpose of this piece to detail that at this time. This piece is for you, on the Pacific Rim.

Now, after LA is evacuated, the process moves to the rest of the western coasts of North and South America that will be affected by tsunami. Dear ones, board the craft, because tsunami’s will be up to 1000 feet high, possibly even more. You are not going to survive this, except through this evacuation. Then the evacuation will continue on to the islands at risk in the Pacific Ocean and then on to the Asian rim, the areas covered based on the expected results of the wave action. You in LA must be evacuated before the ground begins to give way. It was already planned to evacuate you during stasis, and then sink LA so this would not rear it’s ugly head after the awakening of the planet, should the Jupiter event have not sunk it. This is a GIFT dear ones, please take of it.

Now there are many options once you are aboard. Many of you will be offered the opportunity to migrate to other planets with open willing arms to receive you. Some of you may return to the surface, after the stasis, not before, and could live with relatives, or occupy the underground areas. You will never return back home, as the destruction will be beyond repair, and LA will not rise back up from the sea. It may very well be possible to return back somewhat inland after the damage. But you will spend months on ship if you are to return to the planet. This must come after stasis is over, and the surface is ready for your return.

In the case of total planetary destruction, every one goes to other planets. Space travel is quite rapid. There are ships with capability to reach the closest star in Pleiades in 10 short minutes. Go back and review what you learned from the Star Trek films. Dear ones, in Nebadon our universe alone, there are 3.8 million planets with life evolving in various stages on them, and many are much older than planet earth and marvelous places to dwell. ]

Before I began my incarnations here in service 400 years ago, I spent time readjusting to planetary life, having lived on the architectural spheres of “heaven.” Urantia Book readers, you know what I mean by that!!!! I spent some time on a wonderful planet called Myrua, an 8th dimensional world and very advanced in light and life. This planet encircles the sun called Merope of the Seven Sisters, and during the stasis I will go back for a brief homecoming.

You have nothing to fear, and a great adventure ahead!!!!! In fact, once aboard, some of you are going to have some old soul memories come back, and will remember of this. All physical people travel the universe in star ships and so do most angels, dear ones. And you will meet angels aboard ship, these are master caretakers. They do not however have “wings”. The craft picking you up are Pleiadian craft and all will have human body type staff upon them. But note, this is Not the only body type in the universe!!!!

Only a few very advanced spirits can travel without a ship of some sort. There are some that can manufacture their own ship by mind alone if needed. There are folks in our skies who will manifest a ship, if you need to see a ship. But the vast majority travel by ship.

I ask that all of you circulate this, even at the risk of laughter or put downs. Please place this alert on other boards you may belong too. In doing so, you will hopefully increase the number of people who will choose to board the craft. Even if rejected now, when the time comes, they are going to remember seeing it.

Please go out on a clear night and find those “stars” with the pretty flashing strobe lights! They have been in our skies for more than 50 years but few have noticed them.

I am placing two links here. The first is of pictures taken of evacuation ships stationed out by Saturn’s rings. It comes from the Italian Nexus magazine, but I did place a very poor Babel Fish English translation into the post. [link to abundanthope.net]

This link is our latest piece done with Commander Soltec, the head geophysicist of Ashtar Command. The piece is with another on my team named Jess. It is a little updating summary and not thorough, but you should read it.
[link to abundanthope.net]

If Mother does not cause this outcome in the next few weeks, once the preparations are fully ready for the stasis and the Jupiter event, you will find yourself aboard ship anyway, as you would be evacuated during your “sleep state” of stasis. The final determination of all of this regards the timing ,rests with the decision of Christ Michael, Creator Son and thus God of Nebadon, who visited this planet 2000 years ago. I am writing this on his commission tonight.

Take care, I AM Candace, CEO and President of AbundantHope, in partnership with Sananda Immanuel Esu and Christ Michael. This is an international team, and it will serve for those projected 1000 future years of the Golden age we will build upon this planet.

As often said in Star Trek, something to the affect of “Go Forth and Prosper Well.”

Seeking Visionaries,who can and will create the many messianic missions needed to heal Earth and her peoples, and bring balance. Seeking those who Know their truth, and will strive earnestly to stand in that truth 100% of the time, making every moment of everyday, a Holy Event. TWO OR MORE IN MY NAME. ~ www.abundanthope.net
Big Nigga
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United States
04/19/2009 12:25 AM
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Re: Around June 1st - BIG EARTHQUAKE - Predictions from Mathew Stephen
like any of that crap is going to happen

and also the bible is false, so NO jesus is'nt coming back
Anonymous Coward
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United States
04/19/2009 12:47 AM
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Re: Around June 1st - BIG EARTHQUAKE - Predictions from Mathew Stephen
like any of that crap is going to happen
 Quoting: Big Nigga 659787

Hey ....... dumbass ........ this thread is about May of LAST FUCKING YEAR !!!