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Subject Only Video of a Skull and Bones Ritual
Poster Handle Nightshade 09
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[link to thememoryhole.com]

Only Video of a Skull and Bones Ritual

Real Media File:

[link to thememoryhole.com]

>>> Yale's most notorious secret society, Skull and Bones, counts among its members both Presidents Bush, President Taft, William F. Buckley, Henry Luce, Senator John Kerry, and other such types. Literary journalist Ron Rosenbaum—who has been one of the most dogged investigators of the S&B—led a team who secretly filmed one of the shadowy club's initiation ceremonies on 14 April 2001. Not only is this the first and only footage of an S&B ritual, it's also the first one ever to be witnessed by outsiders. [Rosenbaum writes about it here.]

A current Bonesman later tried to discredit the tape, telling Alexandra Robbins—author of Secrets of the Tomb—that they staged the 3-hour initiation to fool Rosenbaum. "We just wanted to fuck with that prick," said this jewel of the Eastern Establishment. Right away, the veracity of such an obvious attempt at spin-doctoring is open to question, and this Bonesman may have a little trouble explaining, given his version of events, why the videotaped ritual was almost exactly the same as the ritual from the prior year, which Rosenbaum had secretly audiotaped. [Read more about this here.]

The clip above was part of a story ABC News aired on the footage. The video of the entire story was on the Web for quite a while, but it has recently been removed. Above is the heart of the report—the actual footage of the Bonesmen.
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