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Message Subject I work alongside NSA and know their missions.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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What is the difference between the NSA and the CIA since your both concerned with a) Intelligence gathering and b)protecting the US.Do you ever work with MI5 and MI6?
 Quoting: tenille osman

My kind of question, generally answered of course. They are only the same from a technology standpoint. CIA is mainly covert. They have many methods of data collection, but mainly rely of HUMINT. They are covert for obvious reasons and I know nothing outside of this. NSA gathers its information strictly by technology. Although it can be considered overt, the technology (hardware and software) is rather not spoke of. I won't say the types here, but they are on the internet. And these days, most collection does take place within the internet. Gone are the days of huge sats and antennas. With this said, I must also say again that the collection takes place from foreign sources only. There are many executive orders that limits what they (we) can do and can not do.

I personally do not work with them, but all allies share information with each other (providing it clears all proper channels). But basically, if they are an English speaking country, chances are the info is shared.
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