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Message Subject I work alongside NSA and know their missions.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Thank you for your reply and I see in the Washongton post that you are getting a pay rise but I was interested to read that the intelligence agencies in the US employ about 10,000 civilian.Is this figure referring to logistics or are they actively involved in intellgence gathering?
 Quoting: tenille osman

This is referring to government service employees only. It includes both groups, missions and support. In the bigger picture, the number is much higher as there are many contractors and military personel that perform gathering and support. Truth be told, there are not really that many "gathers" these days. Computers do most of the collecting and filter the info to accomodate the tasking order. The majority of people these days simply print out reports, install wires, develop new software models, run virus scans and network scans, take up space and have endless meetings about nothing. haha

The bread and butter of NSA is a small number. One of the great things about computers doing all the collecting is that it limits the "need to know" factor. Thus only a few people actually have access to the information that is deemed "classified".
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