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Message Subject I work alongside NSA and know their missions.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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What do you mean you "work alongside NSA"? Are you a contractor? I have a couple friends who are career NSA employees. These are lifelong friends that I see on a regular basis - the kind friends you can drink into the wee hours with, talking about everything under the sun - except for one thing. They never talk about their work or even generally about the agency. I just went to a funeral last Friday and one of these friends couldn't be there because he was out of the country. We asked his wife where he was, and even SHE didn't know. It's unreal how secretive these guys are about their work.

So, sorry. If you're saying you work directly for NSA, I just have a hard time believing it.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 336381

I was both military and contractor.
Well, some people like to pretend their McGyver or Bond. Your friends get training all the time on espionage and executive orders and propaganda like "loose lips sink ships" poster boards. Depending on how long they have been there, they are part of the old system meme. The thing most people keep thinking is of NSA as a building or strictly agency. NSA is an idea, an idea to protect national interests and military operations. So there are places that are unmentioned, but it's not glorious. There are many things that are "secret", but what really is secret? Who determines what value information is?

I would NEVER speak of classified information, it's actually quite boring and mostly available on CNN. I stated in the beginning I only want to change peoples minds about NSA as spying on them personally. Now my concern is that you'll speak with your friends, who in turn, will ask "who told you that". Then they'll try to tell someone about this website, then on and on. It's true you can assemble classified info based on unclassified pieces of information. I don't think I've put up any puzzle pieces yet nor do I intend to. I would ask that you not stir anything with talking to your friends though.

In regards to the wife who didn't know, I find that hard to believe. She was either pulling your leg, the husband is living in a Bond image, or he works for another agency. I've never been asked to keep my travels quiet.
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