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Message Subject I work alongside NSA and know their missions.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Know what I'm concerned about? the governments around the world abducting people via ufo technology, implanting them with microchips and then projecting false realities into their brains.

Another thing I'm concerned about is this whole ascension thing and this 2012 business. I'm concerned about it being artificially induced via technology ie HAARP etc.

I could go on and on but I wont! so if you have any info please indulge us civvies with your insider information! lets have a laugh eh! lol

I too am concerned with this, but this is not a NSA mission. NSA deals with information only. They (we) might pass along our information to other departments for their use, but we only deal with information.

Of course everything I say is "off the record" but I again must stress that NSA (that which I am speaking of) has nothing to do with what you have mentioned. To be honest, I know nothing about what you have mentioned other than my reading here at GLP. In my personal opinion, I agree with your theory on ascension. Please keep in mind how everything seems to be advancing more and more as the time draws near. There was one main religion (or thought) in America during the beginning. As we draw closer to the "end credits" look at how different opinions and memes work their way into peoples thoughts.

You are either a dumbass or a dataminer. You are clueless concerning the mandate of the NSA. I suggest you read the book * The Puzzle Palace* and gain a fucking clue.
 Quoting: Omega

Read a book? haha That's cute. So a largely circulated book in the public hands speaks of the "mandate" of NSA. I don't think that's an accurate statement.

I still have respect for your garden and financial doom posts, but you are a very pushy individual.
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