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Message Subject EVIDENCE OF GOD - Aether Physics Model
Poster Handle EyeAm
Post Content
I struggle to accept that you two are STILL pulling each others dicks when REALITY is just a round the concept.

peace anyways.
 Quoting: A 685508

That's it, give it to him, A. I'll hold him down while you pull him close to ear and explain the rediculous time wasted with exquisite patience. I've tried as you well know but if it comes from my lips its anathema to him.

Oh and as usual I would direct any who can't wrap they're heads around just what's going on here to simply read the thread title and decide if they should post appropriately or not.

Lots of debate threads at this forum. Go find one if that's your game.

And to you A, as always, Peace, Love and Light to you, my wise reflection. We are always blessed with your wisdom.

Love to you too, Slapstick. lol honest (fingers crossed behind back) ROFL

Yep, heeeees baaaaaaack!!!!!

EyeAm in da house in the full blinding armor of TRUTH.

And THAT'S what LOVE does to ya!

May you all know it in your lives.

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