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i have returned to answere your questions. i never knew what a commitment telling the world our seacrets would be. its not true how peaople think that vampires have all the time in the world sometimes i feel rushed. so to answere your questions already stated, i do not like smokers i prefer blood that was taken from a healthy individual. o and as for my quote "step into the light" it is not only a figure of speech but the truth, do not only think there is one type of vampire that is afraid of garlic and cant touch crosses and other ridiculous beliefs inspired by a writer, i can go into the sun withought burnning up although i prefer not to because it does weeken me, so you wont be finding me at a beach sunbathing. parasites, yes we are all one in one form or another. but i do not feel bad about what i have to do to survive. humans slaughter animals and eat there flesh were i can drink the blood and leave my host alive, what some peole think of when they heer the word parasite is a disgusting slimy leech or worm, but not all blood drinkers are like this.
 Quoting: Valentine 453833

Dude, if you've lived for centuries, couldn't you have used some of that time LEARNING TO SPELL???
Deluded Goth-fags are one really good reason that the slate just might need to be wiped clean here.

By the way, here's a question for you, when you suck (blood, gimp-boy, blood) a gay guy, does that make you even MORE gay?
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