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Poster Handle Lucian Ilea
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Yes i am infact a real Vampire and i am tired of hiding in the shadows i feal the need to step into the light and what better place to spread the truth than GLP so ask me any questions that you wish
 Quoting: valentine 386334

I'm glad you stepped forward,Valentine and opened a discussion about Immortals
I am a pure blood Immortal and my father is a pure blood Vampire,I was born in Transylvania,Romania
There is a problem now in the world with the great and increasing number of undead vampires
We will soon reach another war with the humans,a devastting war,if we fail to tell the truth about ourselves
In the last war(I've seen some visions of it) entire cities were turned into immortals and immortals were killed by millions
That's why my greatgreat-grandfather tried in the 15th century to destroy the Heart of the First Immortal,which lies in the Black Mountain in Montenegro and it is guarded by 1000 liches and vampires
I've seen him some nights ago,in a vision:he died,empty of blood ,just when he almost reached the heart with his left hand
But paradoxically that is also a reaction out of Fear,just like the reaction to hide ourselves
I have in myself the blood of Werevolfes and Vampires ,the blood which powers the ones who drink it,but also they fell in my own influence over time
I can sense the past and present of those vampy girls who drank my blood and my visions are getting stronger each night

I have also seen that the Vampire League(Conclave?) in America decided to gradually present the truth about yourselves
A bold move,many disagree with you,but I dont
I think that this is the way to go
However,if you disclose the truth in an improper manner it will result in a war between humans and immortals
So take care
I will ask the Conclave of Immortals here,in Romania what they believe about this
and I will propose a similar resolution
hmm,take care,Valentine
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