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I am 21 years old and I haven't been feeling like myself for a few years. Y, u ask. I got into a really bad car wreck and I suffered dissected carroded arteries. Which is both of the main veins in my neck. I was in ccu (critical care unit) for months and doctors would tell me many things such as I had a 1% chance of surviving, and that 80% of my bloodflow is not there but yet I am still feeling like 110%. The doctors I had were specialists in what they do. What gets to me is that they can tell me what is wrong, but not how or why? While I was in the hospital they studied me for months, but for what I do not know. I asked many questions but never got the wright answere I wanted, and the only time I seen someone was for food or my blood drawn and no matter what food they gave me it could never satisfy me. Any time I seen my doctors they would have many younger doctors with them studying me through a glass window. Once I was released I had many resrictions for lifting and such. I followed my doctors orders at 1st, but I felt much better very quickly. Soon I started lifting weights to get back strength from the wreck. I found out I could lift much more than usual, and run much more before becoming tired. I also feel very odd during the day, but restless during the night. I feel as if I am not myself anymore. No one knows me anymore, and I have grown distant of everything and anything I used to be a part of. I haven't aged a day in 4 to 5 years. And my eyes are green, but sometimes go partly blue. I am afraid of telling my doctors and am wondering what could be happening.
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