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Poster Handle realdealvamp
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Listen to me. You think you are a vampyre? You need to listen more. True, chances are you could be a vampyre with your eye changes. But then again, my brother's eyes do that too. From creamy caramel to shady brown and then black. Does that make him a vampyre? No. In fact, he is so very far from that. As for sharp teeth, many people have sharp teeth. Yours could just be genetic because I know my dad's side of the family's are. Anyone can drink blood, it isn't hard. Vampyres don't burn in the sun oh brilliant one. In fact, that has never happened in the history of our kind. The only reason people got the story of 'burning in the sun' is because it hurts our EYES. Not our body. Its like when you're asleep at night and your window is open where you can see outside. When you wake up the next morning with the sun out, what happens? The light hurts your eyes, sometimes it feels like its burning. We don't burn in the sun genius. We just aren't used to the sight of it because we like the evening better. Its why most vampyres wear sunglasses if they live in areas where the sun is out constantly. Yes people can become vampyres from a bite, but it takes a hell of a lot to just be bitten. And believe me man, you can die. Many people think that we live forever physically. No, our physical bodies always die. We just move our astral forms from body to body; host to host. Using their bodies and lives to continue ours. We don't live forever in the same body; we live forever through our spirit. Vampyres can die at any moment the same way a human can. Just most humans aren't able to project their spirit out of the body to a different body just before death. (And I advise that if you try astral projection or even body hopping, don't send yourself through into an animal's body. Its harder to get free.)
And also, if you were a vampyre, you would know our Laws. Yes, vampyres have laws, boundaries and limits. And the most important Law of our kind and of ALL the Night World is:
Which you have already done.
~Sara B.~
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