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Poster Handle Jonathon axton
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hello, well i see you think you are like so many. were is your proof? do you see what lies ahead? death. if you believe that you are a vampyre, than come here and test yourself against me. as you said, you like type o neg, and i am. i hav been for quite some time, and i would rather die. some rely on their souls, and spirits to survive, but i dont. if you are a true vampyre, than prove it. find me, and kill me if you can. otherwise, i know you are nothing but a mere child waiting for someone to believe you and that is why you write. that is why you say it aloud to all humanity like you do. you just want to be famous, and this(in your sense)is the only way it is to be done. you can change your eyes at will... well so can many others. you can bite, well just about anyone can. what is there that you can truely prove? is it that you are human? that is all that this tells me, and if you want something to say about it, contact me. i change e-mails frequently, so answer soon. my current(out of 5 e-mails) is: Zombu2@msn.com
i go by a false name, which may also be refered to as an alias, and it will make your search more challenging. do as you must, but you will fail no matter how hard you try. i leave m reguards(and my life)in your hands. may they be humans hands atleast.
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