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2500 years ago, DACIAN DRACO came as the origin of werewolf that was used by Dacians to scare invaders. It was an IMPALED wolf head with mouth opened and hairs blowing in the wind, used by knights while riding horses in war. It was their own flag.

2500 years ago, ZALMOXIS was the name of the Dacian God. He was the one that inspired Draculea* (not Dracula) to impale enemies. However the holy diplomacy between them went wrong and Dracula chose the dark side. This combination spawned the real king: Vlad Tepes, the dark knight of Romania.

They say Dracula is burried in Bucharest, in a church surrounded by a lake. This is just a tricky tale. The body is not there. Guess why? He lives in the forests.

Many people dissapear and die of wild animal attacks in Romania's forests. That's how they say on the news. However, the truth is quite different. Some of them have never been seen, some are declared dead due to multiple bytes. Believe it or not, things are being covered artistically well for centuries. History tells us just what they need us to know. It's your right to believe.

Vlad Tepes was a pure Dacian enlighted by Zalmoxes and all Dacian people of today's Romania are pure-bloods blessed by Zalmoxis's spell of blood. Same as Vlad Tepes, so called Draculea*. Transylvania is the real root of the pure-blood order and its members are still there. Guarding and defending in silence. Since Dacian times.

*DRACULEA (not Dracula) was the initial nickname of knight Vlad Tepes of Romania, given by his father. Centuries later, Bram stoker came out with his beautiful story, inspired by this bloody (but brave) Romanian dark knight.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6360193

Oh, Romania, land of vampires..

Maybe you didnít know, but Romania still has one of the largest areas of undisturbed forests in Europe. In a land of 60% of all European brown bears and 40% of all European wolves, no wonder that if you are stupid enough to go alone and unprotected in the forest you will end sooner or later being eaten by one of them..

As for Dacians.. take care! They spread all over Western Europe.. up to the Scandinavian countries.. so the vampiresí genes are all over..
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