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The Sun has no atmosphere such as Earth, science says the Moon orbits because of the balance between inertia and gravity, constantly falling but never falling, understanding this, the Earth would crash into the Sun because the Sun has no atmosphere, the massive gravitaional pull of the Sun would have already crashed the Earth in it.

The Sun and the Moon are the same size, this why an eclipes looks perfect! If they were different sizes one would attract the other due to gravitational pull and collide, but if they are equal, they counter each others pull.

If the Earth did spin, WE would all be dizzy by now?

According to you're science the sun and stars are the same, therefore they don't move, Earth moves around the sun, hence, where ever the planet is around the sun, we should not be able to constantly see the constellations, there would be a point were the Earth would be on the other half of the sun and Earth would only be able to see the constellations coming around the bend. But that's not the case is it!

Lunar eclipse are wrongly explained, look at the first link of the lunar eclipse geometry, see were the moon is to you're right, now look at the second link of the lunar cycles see were the full Moon is to you're left the yellow arrows is the Sun's light. According to both depicted explanations, one of the lunar cylces and the other of eclipses, we should be having and eclipse once a month.

[link to www.mreclipse.com]
[link to upload.wikimedia.org]

The explaination is written in scriptures of the true cycles of the Sun and the Moon, and the Sun's name is Tomas and the Moon's Asonya
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 441519

I was prepared to agree with you until I realized that the Sun does have an atmosphere. It's called the Corona. I guess that puts a kink in things..you almost had me convinced.

Of course it is self-evident that we would all get dizzy if the Earth was really spinning. This proves scientifically that the entire Universe is spinning in the opposite direction as the Earth while the Earth spins not at all.

This also has some other interesting implications:

1) The Earth is the center of the Universe.
2) The Universe is finite.
3) You are a total Moran.
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