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I don't know what the fuss is against another opinion of how the sun is believed to orbit the Earth, as opposed to the "scientific" teaching that the Earth orbits the sun. What difference does it make WHAT you believe or hold in question? I am of the persuasion that the sun orbits the Earth, and I am as much entitled to my opinion as you are of yours. OK?

Cosmas Indicopleustes, Christian Topography (1897) pp. 23-90. Book 2

The pagans when [134] writing on these subjects say what is true concerning them. .............

These things being so we shall say, agreeably to what we find in divine scripture, that the sun issuing from the east traverses the sky in the south and ascends |42 northwards, and becomes visible to the whole of the inhabited world. ...as the divine scripture says through the divine Solomon: The sun riseth and the sun goeth down and hasteth to his own place. Rising there, he goeth to the south, and wheeleth his circuit, and the wind turneth round to his circuits.59 (Science and Scripture agree!).............

Since the heavenly bodies then, according to divine scripture, are moved in their orbits by invisible powers, and run their course through the north, and pass below the elevated part of the earth, it is possible, with such a configuration, for eclipses of the moon and the sun to be |85 produced. .........

For God must be believed in preference to all the notions and all the teaching of men. ............

[link to www.ccel.org]

The man who wrote the above set himself to understand the world around us and wrote of his findings.
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