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No it isn't. The sun is twice as large as the moon, but it's twice as far away, so it's the same size in an eclipse. And yes, if the earth was really spinning 1000 mph, then we would be really dizzy, plus things would weight less at higher altitudes than at the equator, which they don't. Consider this whole earth around the sun shit officially debunked.
But, the earth is round, and not flat.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 440053

What kind of lies are you spreading, the rotational speed of the Earth at the equator is about 1,038 miles according to you're bogus science you couldn't keep track of the Sun beating on you're head at that speed.

According to you're science the sun and stars are the same, therefore they don't move, Earth moves around the sun, hence, where ever the planet is around the sun, we should not be able to conatantly see the constellations, there would be a point were the Earth would be on the other half of the sun and Earth would only be able to see the constellations coming around the bend. But that's not the case is it!

If the Sun was that big with that much pull Earth would have crashed by now!
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