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When you leave the Earthís surface, you donít leave its momentum as well. There are still two forces (that we care about) pulling on the helicopter - gravity (pulling down), and the momentum of the Earthís rotation, pulling you along with it. You are still within the Earthís power to force you to rotate with it (since the atmosphere is going along with it). Now, if you managed to get yourself into space AND fire some rockets to counteract the momentum you took with you from the Earth, then you could watch it spin under you. But youíll never be able to escape the Earthís rotation in a helicopter. Well, you could, but it would be hard. So hard that I wonít even tell you how to do it. Harder than painting a stairwell.
 Quoting: coolhandluke74

You and you're buddy should lay off the tequila, ("pulling you along with it still within the Earthís power to force you to rotate with it") how do explain the winds blowing in different direction, they would have to be stronger than the Earth's power or they would be blowing in the same direction.
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