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The Sun has no atmosphere such as Earth, science says the Moon orbits because of the balance between inertia and gravity, constantly falling but never falling, understanding this, the Earth would crash into the Sun because the Sun has no atmosphere, the massive gravitaional pull of the Sun would have already crashed the Earth in it.

The Sun and the Moon are the same size, this why an eclipes looks perfect! If they were different sizes one would attract the other due to gravitational pull and collide, but if they are equal, they counter each others pull.

If the Earth did spin, WE would all be dizzy by now?

According to you're science the sun and stars are the same, therefore they don't move, Earth moves around the sun, hence, where ever the planet is around the sun, we should not be able to constantly see the constellations, there would be a point were the Earth would be on the other half of the sun and Earth would only be able to see the constellations coming around the bend. But that's not the case is it!

Lunar eclipse are wrongly explained, look at the first link of the lunar eclipse geometry, see were the moon is to you're right, now look at the second link of the lunar cycles see were the full Moon is to you're left the yellow arrows is the Sun's light. According to both depicted explanations, one of the lunar cylces and the other of eclipses, we should be having and eclipse once a month.

[link to www.mreclipse.com]
[link to upload.wikimedia.org]

The explaination is written in scriptures of the true cycles of the Sun and the Moon, and the Sun's name is Tomas and the Moon's Asonya
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 441519

Oh my God, the Bible was right after all!!

Halleluiah, praise the Lord, I’ve seen the light!!

Pass the collection plate.

But….(and forgive me Lord Jesus)… I have just one teeny, tiny, little question?

Forgetting about the phony science I have studied all my life, and just talking in terms of simple logic, let us assume for a moment that the sun and the moon were exactly the same size (as you say). Since they also appear to be the same size when viewed from the Earth (as you also say), that would mean of course that they would also be the same distance from the Earth, since if two objects of the same size were at different distances, they would appear to be of different sizes.

So your point is that the sun and moon are the same size which is why gravity does not draw them into a collision course. OK, I got that.

And during a solar eclipse, you have observed that the moon aligns perfectly with the sun, since both appear, from your vantage point on Earth to be the same size.

But if they are the same size as you say, and they also appear to be the same size when viewed from our little planet, they must be the same distance from the Earth. But if they are the same distance from the Earth and perfectly aligned with the Earth, the sun and moon must be..... touching!!!!! Now, how in the hell can that be???? I know you can explain away my unscientific concerns, so I am waiting for your response.

One other issue………………………….

Regarding your concern why we don’t have a lunar eclipse once a month, I truly understand where you are coming from. Since the Earth is between the sun and moon about once a month, even a fool would understand that the Earth would block the sunlight causing an eclipse (I know that is what you’re thinking). Of course, from a purely logical perspective, if the moon were only aligned with the Earth and sun on one plane, but not another, the Earth wouldn’t necessarily block all that glorious sunlight after all, would it??

In other words, looking at our solar system from above, the sun, earth and moon might be perfectly aligned; however when viewed from the celestial equator, they may not be. Actually, my dear unenlightened friend, this is they way things really are. The moon moves above and below the ecliptic (Earth’s equator) and it is only when the moon is aligned with the earth on both planes that a lunar eclipse occurs. Because of the sizes and distances of the celestial bodies involved, the moon’s orbit does not have to deviate too much from the ecliptic to receive the full light of the sun.

I am a scientist, my friend, and I know you cannot possibly be as ignorant as you pretend; so I will simply salute you for causing an amount of controversy sufficient to rescue some of us old fogies from another night of boredom. You did well! Now think of some more stories to entertain us and get our blood pumping.

Thank you!
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