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Its science fiction, what technology did the science have in the 1700's for seeing and documenting Uranus? None!

How can you see planets in the 1700's if you can't see them today, that's why we built the Hubble scope, we couldn't see either that planet called Uranus.

If the Earth is in motion at some point we lose track of the constellations, but we don't, the stars accompany the Sun around the Earth, always have, always will!

Look at the night sky once a month at midnight for a year. the constellations do change throughout the year. You're wrong.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 410120

Liar, in my neck of the woods the North Star is a constant, if you told the truth once, do you actually believe its a sin? Would you actually believe that GOD would punish you?

Tell the truth, the Devil is a liar, He can't do anything to you, its GOD that keeps you alive, until you live and breath its because GOD still has hope for you, repent sinner!
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