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But if they are the same distance from the Earth and perfectly aligned with the Earth, the sun and moon must be..... touching!!!!! Now, how in the hell can that be???? I know you can explain away my unscientific concerns, so I am waiting for your response.

The Sun and the Moon are the same size, if they were different sizes one would attract the other due to gravitational pull and collide or touch, but if they are equal, they counter each others pull.

The moon moves above and below the ecliptic (Earth’s equator) and it is only when the moon is aligned with the earth on both planes that a lunar eclipse occurs. Because of the sizes and distances of the celestial bodies involved, the moon’s orbit does not have to deviate too much from the ecliptic to receive the full light of the sun.

The cosmos is to perfect and ordered for this tilt in the lunar cycle, that once every now and then it tilts the other direction for an eclipse, I'm still reading the BOOK OF ENOCH where I obtained all this information, it speaks of the cause of why lunar eclipse happen, but for now I content myself with this post as is!

I am a scientist, my friend, and I know you cannot possibly be as ignorant as you pretend; so I will simply salute you for causing an amount of controversy sufficient to rescue some of us old fogies from another night of boredom. You did well! Now think of some more stories to entertain us and get our blood pumping.

Thank you!

You're welcome, and I will let this stir other people for the time being, if its all the same to you!
 Quoting: Punisher

It's fine by me.

Also, the Book of Enoch says more than most people are willing to hear...about the sun and moon being out of position, about the sun shining brighter, about the seasons being awry. Good reading. It's a shame this book didn't make it into the Bible.
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