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The Sun has no atmosphere such as Earth, science says the Moon orbits because of the balance between inertia and gravity, constantly falling but never falling, understanding this, the Earth would crash into the Sun because the Sun has no atmosphere, the massive gravitaional pull of the Sun would have already crashed the Earth in it.

If the Earth did spin, WE would all be dizzy by now?

According to you're science the sun and stars are the same, therefore they don't move, Earth moves around the sun, hence, where ever the planet is around the sun, we should not be able to constantly see the constellations, there would be a point were the Earth would be on the other half of the sun and Earth would only be able to see the constellations coming around the bend. But that's not the case is it!

Space is nothing, no weight, the Moon is something, weight, something weighs more than nothing, the rocks on the Moon stay on the Moon because they weigh more than space which has no weight. (Read it all stupid.)

Earth's atmospheric pressure allows the gravity to be at this force level, it would have been heavier to walk around if we did not have the air and all its gases to buffer the nothing of space.

If you lift 10 pounds in a pool of water, water is something it has some weight, that something (water) creates a buffer between the air outside and the solid surface of the pool, the 10 pounds is lighter than if you lifted it out of the water and into open air, because air to is something but weighs less than water and creates less of a buffer between the nothing of space and the solid ground of the Earth, but if you lifted the same 10 pounds on the moon it would weigh even more because the nothing of space weighs even less than air, no buffer between the soild ground of the Moon.

Apollo Mission would have crashed on the Moon, its a fake, those atronauts would be stuck incapable of walking, they took those picture in Hollywood like the rest of the fakes that live there. They have been lying to us, science is a fake, most of it, WAKE UP! One small post for man, one Giant post for Mankind!

BOOK OF ENOCH Helped Me Reach This Understanding.


You​ are such a complete moron. The smaller something is the less gravity it has unless its a white dwarf but we won't go there for now. You can't copy something floating in the air like objects were on the moon, aka golf ball ect. Those kind of special effects we could not do in the 60's and you know it. What are you going to say when we have manned mission to mars, that was faked too. Some of you people on here are so caught up in conspiracy theories you forget to use your brain.

How do you explain the mirror on the moon which we bounce a lazer off of? Im sure you will have more and more bullshit replys.

Like i said before if this were all true science would of picked up on it long time ago. They would not of been able to hide this trust me.
 Quoting: coolhandluke74

Mirrors were discovered to humans by the fallen angel Azazel, and today more than ever fallen Angels are behind all these lies, click here; Thread: SPACE STATION CRAPPING THEIR PANTS.

Listen, if the moon landing was possible the Russians would have been there too, but they didn't and because Russia has no Hollywood, they'll never be there.

Solids are heavier than liquids, liquids are heavier than gases, gases are heavier than nothing/space. The solid rock of the Moon has no buffer to the nothing of space, things are very heavy out there on the Moon.

Furthermore, its extremely hot in outer-space, sceince tells us that if the atmosphere thinned out anymore the Sun would scorch the Earth, there is no atmosphere in space, the Sun's light & heat is without filter, the astronauts suits are to insulate them from the heat and rays. Why else would they have deep tinted face glass on there helmets.

This is why GOD created the polar ice to regulate the planet from over heating, why have poles on Earth if its freezing cold in space, that doesn't make any sense like science.

He put the pole at the two extremes of the planet for a reason, regulation!

Read you're scriptures its all in the Book of Enoch.
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