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seems to me the science lot refer to a lot of unnamed, undefined "them" and "they's". Their FAITH in the random abstact sciences devised by the humanity they repeatedly lambast as idiotic and stupid seems rather ironic to me. The athiest can't prove God doesn't exist. Much as the religious zealot can prove God DOES exist. sounds to me like both rely on a faith in the unprovable as evidence. neither Punisher nor his adversaries have offered much beyond speculation, random abstract unnamed undefined. These are not proof nor will they ever be. who's right? i have no fucking idea. i don't posses the intellect to prove or disprove, completely and absolutely, any theory offered. and while I am sure a host of you will claim you do posses that intellect, i have yet to see anybody offer anything other than links to others "work", and assurances that "I know" because "I learned it, and if you don't agree with me based simply on the fact I claim I am more intelligent then you are an undereducated moron." name calling and unsubstantiated claims of inellectual superiority do nothing but deflect attention from the issue towards speculative bullshit. offer the scientific research YOU have done on these subjects or offer the scientific research others have done, in full, or admit your beleifs are grounded in faith. faith that the things you've been told are fact, without ever bothering to objectively define them for yourself. or faith in the research you have done but decline to offer up, claiming instead that my refusal to believe outright what you claim you know, is a sign of intellectual inferiority. highly speculative and undefinable. the "somebody else proved it somewhere, so its a fact! you can take it from me" mentaliy is an intellectual copout, that demands I place my faith in you and your undefined claims.

For all I know some of you have done the work. For all I know the science lot are 100% correct. my point is their arguments, at least on this particualar thread, seem just as hollow and faith based as Punishers.

GoCart OUT!
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