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The athiest can't prove God doesn't exist. Much as the religious zealot can prove God DOES exist. sounds to me like both rely on a faith in the unprovable as evidence. neither Punisher nor his adversaries have offered much beyond speculation, random abstract unnamed undefined.

For all I know some of you have done the work. For all I know the science lot are 100% correct. my point is their arguments, at least on this particualar thread, seem just as hollow and faith based as Punishers.

GoCart OUT!
 Quoting: GoCart 442388

And now I will rise up to that challenge and prove beyond any doubt the existance of GOD.

I can understand what you are saying, its like they have proven mankind evolved, that there is no one behind the design.
I wonder why they don't see the house or car or city they exist in the same way like the planet? Some one designed everything, in the case of cars and homes we know it's man, but why draw the line there?

Man's own design capability can't make nothing with life using raw materials, try taking alittle earth and some rocks and do whatever is neccesary to get a living breathing organism, they can't, so when they can't do something or understand they resort to chance, and that no one is higher than Man, therefore, theorising that the superior design is chance, making Man the ultimate creator, thinking themselves as gods.

But you're not gods, you're men with the personality and character of GOD you're Creator, this is why when the average joe trys to build or repair something they do it as though it will last forever, because forever was you're Designer.

You were made without hands, as was you're Creator made without hands. This is the give away, the clue, that we all share.
HE is infinite, as we are, for our planet sits in the infinite Universe, we are living now in the Infinite.

This is the only proof I can show you, the proof that has been all around us for ages, the only thing humans can create without hands, are other humans. This is proof that GOD is self-eternal and made without hands, like you, and the rest of you dip shits!

Evolution, ha, they'll never make a monkey out of me.
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