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[link to www.akasha.de]

As the Sun was undergoing the emergence of a hyperdimensional N-space 5D signature on its North pole, along with the emergence of "something else," (see: Sungate Conspiracy for details)
[link to www.akasha.de]

The future Time Gate 2006 has a temporal resonance overlap between circa September 11th until Ocotber 20th, 2006; and to Time Gate 2009, from February the 2nd until circa February 22nd (2-22nd, 2, 2009).

Therefore, this is a major Time Gate within the TIME GATE Main Nodes... Use the coherent Omni-Temporal protocols suggested on these Time Gate pages in the compassionate and sovereign manner, on behalf of the human race and the maximum realisation of our Irreversible Macro MaNuminous Immacult Self...
[link to www.akasha.de]

[link to www.akasha.de]
*NOTE (Complex, Pass if Need Be): Hypertemporal Flow (Time Travel): In the new cosmos shaking Santilli Hadron Physics, with its novel hyperrelativity and hypertemporality — temporality is founded on an invarient hyperelationship that includes the equal directional romance of the backwards and forwards flow of time. Thus, the Time Gate coherent Node Knot Holons like Time Gate 1998, are the synergy of the coherent temporal phase-conjugation of positive temporal forward geno-time units and negative temporal backward geno-time units, arking into an overarching self-embedded hyper-Sphere braiding of self-similarity, attributing the Invarient Virtual Neuron. The Overall Orb as the ontological Telos-Sphere that is the summation of the entire string of moment pearls knitted between the Time Gate Alpha-Omega Node Doors of equipotential Novelty Temporal equivalence, as the newfangled needlework stiched via their numen progeny of Neophiliac Nodule Orb Knots (time gates), born as the oneiric oners gestating from the invaginated insemination of the matrimony between "Deja Vu" and "greetings" of the Omni-Temporal Oneiromancy as their nutational Neotypal neophytes.

Which we have nudged as the nomothetic nominee of the Numinous Nutriceutical Nostrum imbibing its Nous Nuance as the net filtered Nub golden Nugget through our noetic noddel nomenclature and nominated these Holon-Noumenon into the notion and name of ÒTime GatesÓ.

Golden braiding as the coherent phase-cancellation needles of Time Gates through the Via Media of Time Gate children Holon-Nodes, angles through the Time Gate Omni–Angled Neotype Unending.

**NOTE 2: Time Wave Novelty Graph. The science is a rediscovery of time as the metabolism of amino acids within the DNA nucleotide code bottons, of the DNA 64 codons through all permutations of its 3 amino acids coded per 4 nucleotides into a 6 x 64 = 384 cycle manifold... In fact the Rg Veda we appear to have discovered, is the root source for this code, which became encorporated as the I-Ching, and chess-board game.
[link to www.akasha.de]
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