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Scientific American article on the ultra high order cosmic rays, as a form of UFO or UCP (unidentified celestial phenomenon).
[link to www.akasha.de]

"It had an amazing amount of energy. In theory, such a particle should not even exist... High energy cosmic rays like the one that arrived in Utah are in a completely different league... They're unbelievably powerful and they seem to come from nowhere."

(see THE UNITY KEYS OF EMMANUEL, pp 546-549 for documentation and acadmeic sources)

According to the Emmanuel OTI "New Universe" (NU) paradigm, these are the "ingathering" attractor holon's of our universe with the "New Universe" (NU), following the Omniscalar strings of the OTI's organising coherence of self-similarity.

These NU cosmic rays being transduced by the coherent GRB galactic networks, in order for the highest energy octaves of our universe and beyond to be translated into the localised islands of galaxies. One New Scientist article covering these Ôunbelievably powerful' cosmic rays that appeared Ôto come from nowhere,' gives a little explanitory background for this NU cosmic ray to GRB translation:

"Waxman adds that the total energy of all the cosmic rays in the Universe above about 10^19 electron volts seems to closely match estimates for the total energy of gamma ray bursts in the Universe, which is what one would expect if both were caused by the same events."

(see THE UNITY KEYS OF EMMANUEL, pp 546-549 for documentation and acadmeic sources)



The New Universe series of seminars, since 1995, has been presenting the solar system rewrite now in process (inspired by Emmanuel contacts in March 1990, that attested to this New Universe phenomenon, some 4 years before they commenced more overtly).
The entire code, and tuning of our solar system is undergoing a rewrite, as Emmanuel related:

"Now, it is these patterns that govern the way creation is frozen — that we are to lift, that we are to rewrite, reprogramme, just as you would write a computer programme. We are now rewriting the coding for it, the structures that are holding this pattern of creation. And at the moment much data is being deleted. Thus the way you perceive reality is changing very fast. And the way you perceive time, which again is a certain pattern, is also changing very fast, until it is dissolved. Until the way you perceive creation is dissolved, and the planet, as a whole."

—EMMANUEL& SALVANA, Explorations into Oneness, From a Finite Perspective into the One True Viewpoint of Being God. February, 1989
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