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Ananda/Emmanuel home page, Vortexijah vs Merkaba, DMT, Soma ...- [ ]NEW PARADIGM All-One Hadron Materia NEW Hyperdimensional DNA (read with All-One Hadron) .... See the Interview with graphics: www.akasha.de/~aton/X.html ...
www.akasha.de/~aton/HOME.html - 134k - In cache - Gelijkwaardige pagina's

THE ALL-ONENESS HADRON Materia- [ ]Rather, the very nature of our fundamental being, based on the Etherion-Hadron and the hyperdimensional DNA modus operandi, is sublimated into being ...
www.akasha.de/~aton/AOHM1.htm - Gelijkwaardige pagina's
Meer resultaten van www.akasha.de »

* HYPER DNA * - tribe.net- [ ]Our first connection between the DNA and the hadronic force on the internet, ..... Hadronic Mechanics on the web. phoenix.akasha.de/~aton/TG2003.html ...
people.tribe.net/karina/blog/23d535a2-9daf-428a-8994-808274e0cfe5 - 112k - In cache - Gelijkwaardige pagina's

EMMANUEL: "The planet Saturn is holding in crystallised form, or as a musical note within this solar system, the key or the structure to the frozen illusion which you call time and also timelessness. In that sense the planet Saturn is seen as one of many gateways into the realisation of All-Oneness.

"Each planet within this solar system is holding a unique note. But as you expand and except your Oneness first of all with this planet and with all things around you, you also become each of those other planets. You no longer see this planets as individual orbs, but experience those planets as yourself.

"Saturn does hold the vibration of a multidimensional frequency. Within the illusion of time, the Oneness is separated into coloured spectrums, into coloured light, each being a different octave. This solar system has many different octaves within it, in which are now many different consciousnesses exploring itself, ready to make that choice. The planet Saturn holds all of those octaves, or is able to potentialise itself as a place where all those octaves are orchestrated as one, and, therefore, a meeting point is appropriate at that particular point in this solar system, from the perspective of separation. But from the perspective of Oneness, you are Saturn. It is you."

–EMMANUEL ANSWERS, September 1989. Public Communication, Amsterdam, Holland

Should this relationship of Saturn to solar magnetism (as indicated by radioastronomy), and thereby to our embryonic gene unfoldment (as par the astrogenetic research of scientist Jeff Mayo and Dr. Ross Aidy) — thus be the key recorder and maintainer of our holographic crystalised apparent form, then for Saturn to undergo such a rapid change in its spin dynamics, and magnetic field, over such a short span of duration (just 9 months for 6 minutes), is another major indicator of the Omni-Temporal absorption of our universal laws by an Omniversal Agency, as suggested by Emmanuel, and is bound to affect us all, deeply, to our genes.

The holographic ANUverse gene engineering through the Saturn-Jupiter 3,600 year cycle manifold, is covered in detial within The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel, and there is some additional information we are providing in relation to our recent Rg Veda investigations in regards to the OTI, which we have published in our 2002 book THE SOMA CONSPIRACY, (further extensions and sub-branches of wisdom in this regard are presented at the end of this article series).

"When Jupiter and Saturn were spaced by 120 degrees, and solar activity was at a maximum, radio signals averaged of far higher quality for the year than... with Jupiter and Saturn at 180 degrees and a considerable decline in solar activity. In other words, the average quality curve of radio signals followed the cycle curve between Jupiter and Saturn rather than the sunspot curve ..."

—J.H. Nelson, "Planetary Position Effect on Short-Wave Signal Quality" (Electrical Engineering, May 1952)

[link to www.akasha.de]
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