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The Pupils of Sanat Kumara, the Buddhas of Activity- [ [link to www.makara.us]
]The functions of the three Pupils of Sanat Kumara are many and varied but dealing ..... SANA or SANAISCHARA, the same as SANI OR SATURN, (sanaischara, ...

Since the momentous year of the Great Decision 1952, the word has gone forth via the NGWS and we have planted the seed and created the general world thought-form of the Science of Triangles, Triangles of Light and World Goodwill.

Now is the third phase REVELATORY ERA of modern Occultism and the time for the potency of the Triangles of Light to be augmented and their potency objectively demonstrated because the three Kumaras have become aware of the existence of our global NGWS thought-form in its nature of light and its quality of goodwill. They now are in position to augment and pour of Their life into the world-wide network as need arises and emergency decrees and through this process the Will of Sanat Kumara will hold sway.

The three Buddhas of Activity represent conscious intelligent life, conscious, intelligent and active wisdom, and conscious, intelligent and active creation.

The Tibetan offers us the following analogy: the three Buddhas of Activity are to Shamballa what the Nirmanakayas - the group of divine Contemplatives - are to the Hierarchy and the New Group of World Servers is to humanity.

It is correct to state therefore that:

The Buddhas of Activity are Themselves impressed by the WILL of God as it energizes the entire planetary life.
The Nirmanakayas are impressed by the LOVE of God
The New Group of World Servers are impressed by the active INTELLIGENCE of God.

It might be said here that the three Buddhas of Activity are the primary impressing Agents of the Manu, Christ and Mahachohan, the "impressed Recipients" at the atmic level of awareness, which is the area energized by the Will of Sanat Kumara. The Tibetan says that "this is found midway between the highest plane whereon the Council Chamber of Sanat Kumara is found and the three planes that form the active arena for hierarchical work - the three levels of consciousness of the Spiritual Triad.

This "focused area" has been precipitated by the Agents of the divine Will; They know the ultimate purpose of Sanat Kumara and hold it steadfastly in view, making it available to those Masters of the Wisdom Who can act as the "impressing Agents of Sanat Kumara's Will." These are the Manu, the Christ, and the Mahachohan, the Lord of Civilization."


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