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Message Subject Phone home: Purported UFO video to be shown Friday
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
If someone intentionally teases us with a cliff hanger approach to something that could change the World as we know it...........my red-flag automatically starts a-wavin'

It's like if someone found the location of Noah's Ark (with photo, DNA and an autograph from Noah himself)....why wait for the book/DVD to be released first? Why not shout it out at the top of your lungs, hit up every single media outlet there is and just SHOW THEM WHAT YOU GOT..... for a price?

So again.......if this is SO ground-breaking, Earth-shattering, mind-blowing, potentially history-altering and the mother of all 'smoking guns'......why would his reason (for NOT showing us at this time) be because his DVD ain't ready yet? I think we can live without the introduction, credits, voice-overs and soundtrack, no?

Something just ain't washing well with me on this one. I hope I am just being cynical (a far departure from my trusting self) but it doesn't sound like our reality will be changing anytime soon due to this man anyway.
But I bet he'll be on C2C within a week though. What do they pay their guest/shams/shills anyway now-a-days?
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