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Obama is Mabus antichrist

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06/08/2008 08:39 AM
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Obama is Mabus antichrist
i can tell you in islam anti-christ as i beleive is mentioned as the last/end time caliphate that will be sent by Allah to re-establish islam again, its mentioned also that he will break the cross and will kill the pig, and it is mentioned in the islamic books that he will live 7 years after that he will die and all the muslims will cry on him, and it is mentioned in the islamic books "called hadeeth book also-not the quran" that he will die not killed exactly like what nostradamus said about mabus, and its mentioned also that after he dies the world will be destroyed by a strange creatures that will come from beneath the earth "gog and magog" those creatures mentioned also in the old testamnet as gog and magog and they will destroy the world and kill most of the people in this world
and it is mentioned also that ALLAh will send then "jesus" to defeat those creatures .....and it is mentioned in islam also the antichrist exact name and it is "muhamed abdullah"
the only thing i am not sure about is another personality that is mentioned in islam that it will come during the mahdy time and its is called in arabic "almaseeh aldajal"
that will claim himself as the real jesus and will do miracles but he is a liar and the true jesus will return and kill him.....i dont know if he is the antichrist or almahdy is the anti christ.....
if ubama convert to islam maybe he could be the mahdy i dont know....nothing is clear...
thats how i compare between islamic prophicies and nostradamus..