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Message Subject Air Force Purge Shows Brzezinski's TLC Rules DC
Poster Handle Wasayo
Post Content
very interesting read

thanks for the post

 Quoting: malu

Hi, malu!

I just discussed this article with my husband, Magi.

He explained it to me this way:

. The Neocons are after a Greater Israel (Rothschild).

. The Trilaterals are after a Greater Earth ~ they want the whole planet (Rockefeller).

Magi is 81, and he remembers hearing of a 1923 speech by John Rockefeller. At the time, the steam age was in full force, and Rockefeller wanted to move it to oil.

His message was to "rope them in with cheap oil" and then when everyone was hooked... "to raise the prices".

Rockefeller said then that... "the plan is to addict everyone, so they would pay any price".

It's happened! Look at the world today!

The Neocons were bad enough ~ but the Trilaterals are going to be far worse. Buckle up. Wasayo
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