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Dark Futures? Oil Price Manipulation and T Boone Pickens

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United States
06/17/2008 05:49 PM
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Dark Futures? Oil Price Manipulation and T Boone Pickens
The biggest 4 Profit Prophet of this dark futures market manipulation is T Boone Pickens. This douche bag has the audacity to go on CNBC and say I see oil going to 150 dollars and barrel.

CNBC says when T Boone Pickens talks the markets listen. You need 5 million to invest in his 5 billion dollar hedge fund. When you look up the BP investments portfolio don't be surprised because all the players are there including Exxon Mobile who have posted record profits for the past 2 years and Haliburton.

This guy was the author of peak oil theory and surprise surprise he was Bushes biggest campaign contributer in the 2004 election. It was Pickens who was responsible for funding the Swift Boat Vet Campaign that helped Bush get re-elected in 2004.

This has been done before I was living in Los Angeles when we had rolling black outs. Enron was doing the same thing. manipulating energy prices on an unregulated energy futures market in California.

Thank God congress has closed the what they call the ENRON loophole! It was Enron who lobbied for the unregulated electronic futures market when Clinton signed the new commodities act legislation in 2002.

The President of Iran said today that this notion of supply and demand is nonsense. How strange that the President of Iran speaks for us more than our leaders.