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Message Subject Jesse Jackson Wants To Cut Obama's Nuts Out
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Obama is just another piece of shit scumbag globalist. He will be the next forefront public figure of America to rest as a shiny new prize of change upon the altar. The media, and in turn you, will devour it like always, clinging to conventional relics of this facade known as Democracy. He doesn't speak from his mind or his heart. He speaks what the globalists tell him to speak. Another new robot put on display for you to look at.

But I can see nobody cares about that. You love the frivolous and trivial drama that brews from various places. The news will take the smallest turd and blow it up to elephant sized. The masses are addicted to being stupid. No need to mention Zbigniew Brzezinski's full endorsement of Barack Obama. That's the biggest red flag of them all regarding Obama. Nope, that might stir people's piece of mind that everything in the world is ok. Better not rock the boat.
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