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BIGFOOT shot and killed. Group claims they have corpse.

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07/12/2008 03:44 PM
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BIGFOOT shot and killed. Group claims they have corpse.
[link to www.cryptomundo.com]

The “Bigfoot Trackers” claim they have a Bigfoot corpse, frozen in a freezer, killed by a .30-06.

On their website the Bigfoot Trackers state, “…we have located a family of Bigfoot, and besides the clear photos and video, we have something even more shocking. Please bear with us at this time. We have hired legal help. History is in the making. No further comments at this time.”

This is supposedly a reference to the body they claim to have in their possession.

On another of their site’s videos they mention showing the body, which is being kept in a freezer, to one of their mentors who describes it as covered in hair, long hair, all over its apelike body.

Not likely, but the dudes in the video are kind of believable. I say bullshit though.