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Iran Supreme Leader Aide: Would Target US Bases,Israel If Attacked

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07/13/2008 12:37 AM
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Iran Supreme Leader Aide: Would Target US Bases,Israel If Attacked
TEHRAN (AFP)--Iran will target "32 U.S. bases and the heart of Israel" if it is attacked, the Fars news agency quoted an aide to supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei as saying on Saturday.

"If America and Israel shoot any bullets and missiles against our country, Iranian armed forces will target the heart of Israel and 32 U.S. bases in the region before the dust from this attack has settled," Mojtaba Zolnoor said.

Zolnoor is Khamenei's deputy representative for the elite Revolutionary Guards, the force that controls Iran's more potent weaponry, particularly its longer-range missiles capable of striking Israel and U.S. bases in the Gulf.

The U.S. and its top regional ally Israel have never ruled out attacking Iran over its nuclear drive, which the West fears could be aimed at making nuclear weapons.

There has been concern an attack against Iran could be imminent after it emerged Israel had carried out maneuvers in Greece that were believed to be practice runs for a potential strike against Iranian nuclear facilities.

Government spokesman Gholam Hossein Elham on Saturday dismissed speculation that Iran risked being attacked by the U.S., saying that a military strike would be "craziness."

The Islamic republic has repeatedly warned of a crushing response to any aggression against its soil.

Iran rejects the Western accusations and insists its nuclear program is aimed solely at generating energy for a growing population whose fossil fuel reserves will eventually run out.

Tensions over the nuclear standoff have surged again in recent days after Iran test-fired a broadside of missiles - including one it says brings Israel within range - in war games that provoked international concern.

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